The Modual Energy Storage technology

Modual energy inverters are more than just a component of a battery storage system. Thanks to the innovative modular approach, they simplify the design of electricity storage systems and enable a cheap, sustainable energy supply for trade and industry.


Hexagon stands for sustainable energy storage in single and multi-family homes. With capacities of 5 to 30 kWh, a suitable solution can be implemented for every building.


Sustainable energy storage for homes

Experience limitless energy autonomy with Hexagon, our revolutionary energy storage solution designed for both single and multi-family homes.

With capacities ranging from 5 to 30 kWh, there’s a perfect Hexagon solution for every building. For larger installations up to 2 MWh, please contact us directly.


Too valuable to discard

Introducing Modual Life, a groundbreaking solution for the future of energy storage.

We recognize the untapped potential of lithium batteries originally designed for electric vehicles. These batteries, often prematurely discarded, still possess impressive performance capabilities.


Energize for a lifetime

Modual Energy Storage systems are crafted for repairability and maintenance.

Our innovative Battery Management System (BMS), modular design, and cell monitoring empower even DIY enthusiasts to handle upkeep effortlessly.


Swiss crafted sustainability

Sustainability starts at home.

Our Swiss production ensures 100% Swiss quality – from the smallest component to the metal casing. No resource-intensive transports mean a greener footprint.


Simply modular

Tailor the size to your needs. Our scalable system enables energy storage from 3.6 kWh to 1,000,000 kWh.

With our robust Battery Management System, expanding your storage in the future is a breeze.


Powerful battery management

The Modual BMS, a true innovation, not only combines weaker cells with stronger ones but also strategically alleviates weaker cells with stronger ones.

This breakthrough technology ensures outstanding longevity and consistently maximized capacity.


Unique cell selection

Every cell undergoes extensive testing and is meticulously assembled into cell packages.

Only the best-selected cells make it into our storage units. Our data-driven continuous improvement ensures top-notch quality.


Effortless battery maintenance

Enjoy the unique ability to replace individual battery cells and maintain the energy storage system.

This significantly extends the lifespan and return on investment. A sustainable investment with a long-term performance guarantee.


Cloud integration

The next era of energy storage has arrived. Thanks to intelligent connectivity, we have real-time insights into the state of each individual cell.

No more unexpected failures and the possibility of continuous maintenance. Welcome to a new era of reliability.


Individual cell analysis

Continuous analysis of cell conditions provides valuable insights into cell behaviour. Based on this data, the Modual BMS makes precise predictions about future cell conditions, enabling proactive measures against capacity losses.

The data is also used for sorting second-life cells, ensuring outstanding quality.


Modual maintenance cloud

Our customers come first. We understand the complexity of second-life cells and automatically take care of monitoring your system. Sit back and enjoy your power, as we handle the rest.

*Note: The maintenance Cloud is not accessible to end customers.


Recycling commitment

At Modual, every cell has a recycling value, ensuring the recovery of valuable raw materials.

We collaborate closely with the leading lithium recycling pioneer, Kyburz Switzerland, to achieve this goal.

Together, we advocate for a sustainable and environmentally friendly circular economy.


Modular flexibility

Thanks to its clever design, Modual offers a suitable solution for every capacity.

Moreover, individual modules can be purchased later, allowing the storage to adapt to your needs over time.


Our portfolio

Explore the unmatched potential of Modual commercial energy storage—revolutionizing how businesses harness and utilize energy for a sustainable future.

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