Cutting-edge technology innovation enables the reuse of battery cells as a future-proof, scalable, intelligent energy storage system.

The residual capacity of discarded batteries at the end of their vehicle life
tons of discarded vehicle batteries will flood the market by 2030
of the lithium-ion batteries are recycled

UpCycling Used Batteries

At Modual, we breathe new life into used batteries through rigorous testing, reconditioning, and restoration.

These reborn batteries efficiently store renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable energy supply.


Use your own solar energy

With an energy storage system from Modual, you can store your photovoltaic energy and use it when you need it.

Why a second-Life Energy Storage

A reliable source

Reduce your reliance on your energy provider by maintaining a reliable supply of renewably generated energy.

Uninterrupted power supply

Safeguard your supply when the grid operator faces limitations caused by global economic challenges and gaps in renewable energy expansion.

Reduce costs

As energy costs continue to rise, second-life energy storage gives you genuine energy independence. Our storage systems can minimise bills when used with a diverse range of applications.

Modual Series Lite

Empowering individuals to take control of their energy consumption. Our consumer solutions offer intuitive and user-friendly energy storage, making sustainable living a seamless experience.

Modual Series Basic

Transforming houses into smart, energy-efficient homes. Modual residential solutions provide reliable, long-lasting energy storage, ensuring your home is powered when you need it.

Modual Series Pro

Powering industries sustainably. Modual industrial solutions offer scalable and robust energy storage, supporting the transition to cleaner, more efficient industrial operations.


Revolutionising Energy Storage for Tomorrow

Our Second-Life Energy Storage transforms used electric vehicle batteries into powerful energy reserves.

Sustainable, scalable, and potent for home applications or SMEs. Experience the energy revolution now!


Competence Center Energy Storage

Discover the dynamic minds at Modual — a team of experts crafting innovative solutions for a sustainable future. With diverse skills and a shared passion, we’re redefining the energy game.

Welcome to Modual, where brilliance meets sustainability!


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