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The story of Modual is one of pioneering spirit and a commitment to innovative sustainability solutions. It all began in a humble double garage, where multiple prototypes of the HEXAGON storage system were crafted and tested.

Our story

Partnership with Kyburz Switzerland

Recognizing the limitations of a small team, the startup sought a Swiss production partner to propel both production and technology advancement.

The partnership with Kyburz Switzerland AG, an innovative family-run business with its production and a unique battery recycling facility, proved to be the perfect match for Modual.

Our story

Business developments

With the relocation to Brunnen, and rebranding from TWICE to Modual, new development and production capacities were established, serving as the hub for the development of all Second-Life technologies and future energy storage production. Currently, a team of over 15 dedicated individuals is working towards the goal of conserving valuable resources.

This success story mirrors Modual dedication to sustainable energy storage and the vision of a green future.


Tobias Gwerder

Robin Scherrer

Philipp Strüby

Noah Sieber

Nico Lenzlinger

Michael Moratti

Marco Medici

Christoph Fässler

Charly Giezendanner

Caroline Lussmann

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