Applications of Modual Energy Storage

Discover the diverse applications of our energy storages and understand why Modual Batteries are the optimal choice.


Market leader in second life applications

Second-Life Batteries for Buildings

Elevate your building’s energy potential with Modual’s Storage Solutions. Pair seamlessly with solar systems to unlock a new era of sustainability. Empower your structure with efficient, eco-friendly energy. Discover the synergy of solar and storage — shaping the future of smart buildings. Connect with us to illuminate your journey.


The best way to avoid CO2

Unleash the power of energy storage for a seamless transition to CO2-free energy. Modual’s innovative solutions redefine sustainability, ensuring a cleaner and greener future. Elevate your commitment to renewable energy with our cutting-edge storage technology. Join the movement towards a carbon-neutral world. The future is clean, and Modual is your key to unlocking it.


Pivotal for renewables

Empower grid stability with Modual’s advanced energy storage solutions. In an era of fluctuating energy demands, our systems act as the backbone, providing reliability and resilience to the grid. Enhance grid stability, reduce downtime, and embrace a future-proof energy infrastructure. Modual leads the way in fortifying grids for a sustainable and secure energy landscape. Elevate your grid to new levels of efficiency with Modual’s cutting-edge technology.

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Increasing Self Consumption
Peak shaving
Neighbourhood storage
Buffer Storage
Emergency power

Increasing Self Consumption

Solar installations and wind turbines often generate so much electricity that there is a surplus that has to be fed into the grid. What used to be made profitable by the feed-in tariff often no longer pays off today.


Peak shaving

If you purchase more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, your electricity price is based on the highest power purchased within a year. The higher the one-off power consumption, the higher the energy costs. A commercial storage system helps you to cut these power peaks and thus save money.



Neighbourhood storage

Neighborhood storage refers to electricity storage systems that are used jointly by several consumers. In this way, several consumers in a localized area can join forces to store and use individually generated energy from e.g. photovoltaic systems centrally.


Buffer Storage

Increasing the grid connection capacity costs a lot of money. This is where a battery storage system can act as a buffer: It can be continuously charged via the low power of the grid and delivers the high required power as needed.


Emergency power

Never sit in the dark again

With a commercial storage system, you become independent of power outages and can maintain the supply if the grid operator is unable to do so. Supply gaps are bridged, your production can continue and even in the event of longer-term outages, you have the option of shutting down operations in a controlled manner without causing any damage.


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